Ways to Survive an Airport

  • Bananagrams and Cards
  • Use the wifi/charging stations
  • really look and weed through the shops
  • instead of benches, find a restaurant to spend time in
  • look up and name every language you hear
  • walk the map of the area you’re in, find the limits
  • strike up conversation with those sitting around by using the “You’re waiting for the same plane I am?” line
  •  bring nail polish!
  • Books and magazines are always overpriced there- be sure to bring your own
  • bringing your own snacks is always allowed, just not liquids
  • bring an empty water bottle
  • pick a spot for documents, and keep all documents in the same place
  • spread out copies of ID, money, and valuables to avoid loosing everything to a pickpocket
  • find the healthiest option, even if its not the yummiest, the nutrition will keep you feeling good even through the dehydration and poor oxygen quality
  • washing your face really will help keep you feeling good
  • minimize baggage as much as possible, only necessities
  • let yourself relax, it’s not a prison- it’s a privilege :]

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