Holidays are all about tradition for me. The excitement and anticipation of waiting for the same rituals and routines gets me pumped up for the family time together. My family, though small, has a lot of traditions which continue every year. It’s important to look forward to these, no matter how small, because the value is in the family time- not necessarily the tradition. You may not get along with your family, or downright hate them for things they’ve done, but that will in no way make your life or your holiday better! “Holidays are suppose to be for family,” and guess what- YOU are part of the family. YOU are important during this time and so is your happiness. The stress levels people undertake to make others happy during these times of the year are unfathomable, and so unhealthy! I had to talk a relative into using bags instead of wrapping every individual present, and she STILL felt like she wasn’t doing good enough. Now… I love her dearly but she puts all the weight of her happiness on the happiness of those around her. If we all did that, which we all somewhat do, there would be NO happiness. The individuality of each person and what they want and need out of life to keep them content is essential to keeping the world spinning ’round. How can one be truly passionate about what makes them happy if they’re concerned about making everyone around them truly passionately happy. It is just not going to work! It is our own choice to be happy, and the traditions you indulge in should make you even happier- nothing less.

Every year it is my job to decorate the tree. This year…  I couldn’t be bothered. I knew it wasn’t going to bring me joy. And so, my mother and I bought a six inch Hawaiian pine from Walgreens. It came in a tiny pot with red foil, 4 ornaments, and a stick holding up a false topper. It was perfect. We loved that tree and put our presents for each other next to it. Did we have a tree? Yes. Were we happy? Yes. Was it cheap? Yes! We fulfilled the tradition- but more importantly, we stayed passionately happy for the Christmas holiday and for the time spent together because we removed huge quantifies of work and stress from our full plates.


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