The Juice Cleanse

The juice cleanse was an experience, to say the least. Started on a failed Sunday, ran Monday through Wednesday, food introduced Wednesday night as dinner, then again Thursday night, finalized by a sub and chips by lunch on Friday. The struggle was real and so was the brain fog. My boss was absolutely through with me by the end of it, and I felt horrible.

Day 1 Sunday

Lack of commitment, even after I had spent copious amounts of money on juicing supplies.

Day 2 Monday

Committed, and continually feeling the pains of starvation.

Day 3 Tuesday

Over the hump, but cranky as all hell.

Day 4 Wednesday

Just relieved that it would be over soon; most delicious banana I have ever had in my life.

Day 5 Thursday

Ready for dinner, ready for strawberries, so ready!

Day 6 Friday

Cannot function, not able to work, consumed a 12″ sub with Justmayo and Gardein chicken nuggets, half a bag of Sweet Chili Doritos, and a mug of coffee with vanilla almond creamer. Also some extra strength Tylenol!

Do I feel horrible? Yes. Did I lose 4 pounds? Yes. Will I do it again? … Maybe, but not when I have to go to work or accomplish anything!



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