Vegan in Jacksonville, FL

         I have been living in Jacksonville, Florida, USA for almost a year now! I’ve adopted the Riverside, Five Points, and King Street ‘regions,’ and I often drag friends and dates to new restaurants! Here are some gems I have discovered:

Chomp Chomp

  • Half the small menu can be made vegan at this deliciously chill grub spot! A cheap beer and sandwich is a perfect night at one of their outside tables.


  • They have a few good options… and famously poor service. A bit pricey for my taste, but a comfortably artistic feel with a layer of dirt- and I somehow always end up going back for more! Try the jack fruit tacos!

La Nopalera

  • The best margaritas, waiters, bottomless chips&salsa, and vegetarian fajitas! Ask for Jose on Roosevelt, he’s the best! Get your margaritas frozen and your fajitas with no cheese!


  • Vegan burger and fries at a hole in the wall bar that locals love to get trashed at while watching sports (specifically soccer most days). Don’t miss out on their cheap bar prices and weird events put on in the large back space- including poker nights and singing competitions.

Mellow Mushroom

  • True hipster pizza place and bar with a variety of vegan options and Daiya Cheese! Riverside has a huge location that is always packed and full of energy. Try it out on Trivia and Bingo nights for extra amusement. No delivery :(


  • My FAVORITE restaurant! They have an entire vegan menu, complete with any Japanese food to your heart’s desire. Just ask for the menu when you walk in- that way they will know to cater to your vegan needs, with miso soup and vegan deep fried oreos to accompany your dinner- for FREE!


  • Uncomfortable vibrations from this yoga studio with an all vegan and gluten free menu, my date and I were both underwhelmed by the bland food- try the flavorful roasted nut options.

Southern Roots Filling Station

  • Mostly vegan friendly, and very friendly staff- this place has a healthy chill vibe, with a mii bulk grocery corner.

Chamblin’s Uptown

  • Interesting cafe in a book lover’s dream store, with vegan dishes, desserts, and coffees. The hipsters are slow, the impatient business people too fast, and the rest of us just trying to figure out where to sit or stand.

Sweet Theory Baking Co.

  • A vegan bakery! Can’t ask for more in life. Doughnuts are to die for. Get there before they open on the weekends! The line is halfway down the block by the time they unlock the doors! They also have some small savory biscuit sandwiches, coffees, and ice cream!

European Street

  • Raw Vegan Cheesecake! and some menu options as well- with a very strange “I don’t give a fuck” feel via decor and customer base. Just confusing!!

Hot Dog Party

  • 100% vegan hot dog cart! Catch it on Instagram to know what bar they will be lurking near that night! The owners are very nice, and it is a great place to run into the vegan community of Jax!

Moon River Pizza

  • Every time I go, I’m not sure they understand what vegan is… they technically have vegan options, maybe. Try the calzone, with Daiya, for the smallest/cheapest option.

Green Erth Bistro

  • Awkward seating and always some sense of tension behind kitchen doors, but great Mediterranean food! And some desserts as well! My friends like this one.


  • Yummy Mediterranean in the heart of Five Points. Their falafel is the best around, and I adore the comfy atmosphere and polite waitstaff.


  • This is such a great place, the waitstaff isn’t very knowledgeable but the menu is spot on. You’ll figure it out, and ask for your fried plantains without cheese- because those are a must. Trivia night is fantastic and you can actually win some great prizes (my group of 1st timers won a $30 gift card to come back!)

Burrito Gallery

  • Limited yet delicous options, this hipster vibe is on track to keep me coming back.

Whole Foods

  • OK, it’s an overpriced grocery store… but the $8 sandwich at the deli is where it’s at! Just ask them for anything- they will go grab it off the shelf!!

Hawkers Asian Street Fare

  • ‘Such art, so yum.’ This place feels upscale and grunge at the same time. It’s expensive and has limited options- but very good food.

Sun Ray Cinema

  • OMG- this place is insane. Half the menu is vegan, and they have dessert. The chili cheese fries make my heart melt. You eat your meal in the theater while watching the movie, but can eat there without a film as well. The decor is a grungy hipster dream come true. Limited hours and film choices.

Tuptim Thai

  • Classic Thai restaurant. This is my cozy spot. I know it will be good everytime.

Pattaya Thai

  • This place has vegan written onto their windows! Decent food, loved our waitress… thrown off by another table talking to the chef about making something for them with blood…

Harpoon Louies

  • Make sure to ask if they have the vegan supplies, they mostly cater to non-vegan locals- so they run out and don’t order more for awhile! One of the owners is vegan, and there are a few choices right on the regular menu.

The Cummer Museum Cafe

  • Gorgeous museum and gardens with a yummy cafe! They have at least one vegan option on each of their different menus- try the Loaded Breakfast Potatoes for brunch! Great place to bring dates or your grandma, when she visits!


  1. The Blind Rabbit

  2. Cozy Tea

  3. Orsay

  4. Mossfire


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