A Full Life: What does yours look like?

I like to fill my life with things that make me happy.

These are not usually physical items, but the experiences and people who keep my brain in action. These things can be part of life no matter where you are in the world!

Currently, my world has many new changes, including two jobs and my own apartment this year:
I work a full time job teaching Special Education Middle school students. After the school day ends, I stay for my part time job working with the kids in the academic after school program. The mornings mean coffee (homemade or Starbucks), feeding my 2 goldfish and black loach, play time with my kitten, and a french lesson from an app on my phone. On Mondays, I often go to a Hare Krishna house service for free vegan food, chanting, and adult conversation. I have a membership to the YMCA, where I attack anything I can figure out how to work, often with a friend. Every other week, I usually get my acrylic nails done and hang out with friendly artists and the salon community. Once a week, I have a group of kids stay with me after school to learn about gardening at our Green Team garden club– the acrylics get dirty and the kids get giggly. I also have plants throughout my house and backyard I care for.  Friday nights usually mean dinner with coworkers, as we unwind from our workweek at our Title 1 Middle School. Every Saturday morning, I can be found at my pole dancing class, followed by a trip to Whole Foods or checking out the vegetable stands at the Arts Market (pictured above!). When it is time to just relax, you can find my watching YouTube and scrolling through social media while curating content for each platform. I also fit a few dates in!

I look forward and get excited for every one of the activities I fill my time with. Well, maybe saying I get excited about work is a stretch- but, you get my point!

The world is a crazy busy place, and I like to stay busy too. However, always be sure that the people, places, and things you fill your life with are what make YOU happy and create a world you’re happy to be living in.

What are the highlights of your day and week?

The things that make you the happiest and

the ones you look forward too?

If the desire strikes you- go ahead and tell me about it below :)


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